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Owning a house is the largest investment most people ever make. But, without an efficient air conditioning system, your house can become uninhabitable. During summer, the house may feel like an oven. Our home air conditioning and heating contractors will identify the house needs and suggest a suitable unit. We have built a reputation for offering reliable and professional home heating and cooling services in Waco, TX. We have done it successfully for the last 30 years.

Finding the right unit for your home can be a challenge – especially with so many units in the market. But, with the right service provider, you get to relax while the experts take charge. Our contractors will install a new unit and walk with you through servicing and maintenance. This ensures that your air conditioning or heating system lasts through its lifespan. In addition, you will notice considerable energy savings.

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Centroplex Service Company

Centroplex Service Company has a team of licensed technicians who have successfully seen the completion of numerous projects in the area.

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Centroplex Service Company

Home Heating And Cooling Near Me

You do not need to travel far to find home heating and cooling companies. We have overseen the implementation of various commercial projects in Waco, TX. In addition, we have a team of experienced contractors. Our company will identify your unique needs and offer a suitable system that matches your budget. Installation of the systems extends to protection of units from harsh climatic conditions.

Commercial buildings house various office units. As a result, you need a system that is energy efficient. Our commercial heating and cooling company contractors will find a unit for you. This will ensure that the unit blends in with the rest of the building design. In addition, the unit will ensure even distribution of hot/cold air in all the office spaces. Sealing window leaks can also help keep your building warm during winter.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep the systems running efficiently. Equally, as one of the top commercial heating and cooling companies, we offer 24/7 emergency services. This ensures that your system continues operating uninterrupted.

Centroplex Service Company

Home Heating Services

Having a home heating unit is vital to keep the house warm during winter. But, the heating system accounts for a large percentage of utility bills. The bills are worse when you are using outdated and inefficient systems. Our home heating and cooling contractors will examine your house for possible heat loss. In this regard, homeowners may be required to add extra insulation to their houses. They will also study the heat distribution system for any leakages in the air ducts. In the end, you should notice considerable energy savings.

Our home heating and cooling services extend to the initial installation of heating systems. We will evaluate how large your house is and install a system that meets the household needs. In addition, we offer regular maintenance of existing systems. Our home heating and cooling emergency services are available 24/7 to residents of the Waco, TX area.

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Centroplex Service Company

Home Heating Contractors

Home heating systems vary widely from unit to unit. In most instances, you have houses with a central furnace, connected to air ducts. Transfer of heat can be through steam or gas. Worn-out heating systems can start leaking heat due to their old age. Air ducts become filled with dust or debris making them less efficient in transmitting. In this regard, you find yourself paying higher than normal utility bills. Our home heating and cooling contractors are BBB certified. This gives them the requisite skills to identify energy saving methods.

We have been a preferred home heating and cooling services contractor in Waco, TX. In addition, we have seen the successful installation of numerous heating systems around the area. Our contractors are reliable and take the time to understand the needs of the client. They then offer suitable home heating and cooling systems that ensure your home is warm during winter.

Centroplex Service Company

Home Air Conditioning Contractors

Home air conditioning contractors help homeowners identify the right AC unit for them. But, finding the right contractor can be a challenge – especially with many people offering the service. As a premium home heating and cooling service company, we have built a reputation that spans 30 years. Our reliable and professional contractors work with top air conditioner brands. They listen to a client needs and ensure that projects are finished within the stipulated timelines.

The air conditioning unit is a lifesaver during hot summers. The heat can leave you drenched in sweat and make the house a no-go zone. However, you will need to maintain your AC to ensure it runs efficiently. Maintenance includes checking filters or air ducts for dust and debris. Our home heating and cooling contractors are on standby to offer servicing support. You do not need to wait until the next summer season to power on your AC. Our home air conditioning contractors in Waco, TX are at hand to fix your malfunctioning unit. Call today for a free estimate!

For information on installation, please visit our Air Conditioner Installation Waco, TX page.

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Centroplex Service Company

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Linda K Jander Avatar

Centroplex is an excellant company and we recommend them all the time. Braden is so friendly and will always take time to explain what needs to be done, prior to replacing anything. He is someone we trust to take care of our units.

Linda K Jander 5/18/2019
Nicole Jackson Avatar

Juan and Julio were great. They were very kind, they were on time, and installed the air conditioning unit in a timely manner. I highly recommend them.

Nicole Jackson 9/24/2019
Phil Savage Avatar

Patient while listening to my issues. Knowledgable with possible causes to the problems i was experiencing. Honest about getting my problem with my unit diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Prompt with agreed upon time for service call including a phone call to verify no changes to my schedule. Justin was both professional and thorough at finding, repairing and inspecting entire system to ensure issue was resolved. Great experience with an honest hometown company that will get the job done right. Thanks Sincerely, Phil S

Phil Savage 7/16/2019