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Dick Lewis Avatar

Fantastic service, called late Friday, tech was there as promised early Monday. Julio serviced our inside and outside unit, found a bad capacitor, discussed it with me, even took time to show me on ohm meter bad connector, and I didnt even ask, that's personal service A+.
Julio also took time to explain your VIP Service Club to me, with no high pressure selling.
He was very informative, professional and a complete joy to work with. Great employee.
I've known the Richardsons for years, we traveled with the Robinson Band during our kids school days, between Steve and I, there was always a victim available for he and I to pull pranks and jokes on. I sure miss those days and miss Steve even more.
Thank you again for the great customer service, it was indeed a pleasant experience.
Dick Lewis

Dick Lewis 4/08/2019
Paula Garakani Avatar

Would not hesitate in giving this company a referral and thumbs up!

Paula Garakani 3/08/2018
Julianna Barger Avatar

I chose Centroplex Service Company to remove my almost 40 yr old central heat & A/C unit (inside and outside). For 10+ years this company has NEVER let me down...they have taken care of me as if I were “family “. Justin and all of the employees at Centroplex Service Company were on time, courteous, professional and performed ALL of the services as discussed prior to the installation. There were also no “surprises” when it came to the bill. The price was exactly what we had agreed on. They were also very clean...the only way I could tell that they had been in my house was because my floors were actually cleaner than they were before they arrived! There was NO mess, paper, or litter inside or outside - this is usually uncommon for any type of home improvement. Thank y’all for a job well done!

Julianna Barger 7/02/2019

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